Agumbe : The spectacular sunset point.

ocation :
on the way to Udupi , 35 kms from Thirthahalli falls a small place with big name called AGUMBE. It is situated at 2725 ft above sea level.

Whatz Special : Agumbe is also known as the "Chirapunji" of South India because this place receives the highest rainfall in South India. This place attracts tourists during the summer and winter season because of its glorious  sunset.  The place is surrounded by dense lush green forests , small streams and ghats.   The place finds its charm at the time of sunset, the sun sets with different hues, colors, shapes.

Transport: To reach Agumbe you can catch any bus to Thirthahalli or  bus to Udupi.

Best Season to Visit : November to May

SunsetPoint - Agumbe


Kodachadri : A glorious and enchanting mountain provides the perfect escape from the hectic pace of the hum drum of everyday life. Paradise for trekkers, the place attracts lot of trekkers around Karnataka state. Kodachadri is situated at 1411 ft above sea level and 115 kms from Shivamogga city.  A beatific hill abode that overlooks the panoramic Western Ghats. It is clothed with splendid evergreen forests. The first portion of the hill is very steep and difficult to ascend.  On the west, the hill descends almost perpendicular for about 4026 ft, meeting the South Kanara forests that lie below. The sea appears quite close, and on clear day, you can also see the ships go by. The famous temple town of Kollur is 12 Kms away.  The steep hills challenges the trekkers for a adventurous trekking experience. Reaching the hill top makes you feel on top of the world.  

Kundadri : On the way to Agumbe from Thirthahalli, 9 kms from Guddekeri near Begar you can find Kundadri hill. A adventurous place for trekking lovers. You can reach the hill top by tar road also but its a shaking experience if you walk up the mountain using the shortcut route. On reaching the top you can find the Parshwanath Chaityalaya, a stone structure. Kundadri hill is in fact a single gigantic monolithic rock formation with various outgrowths. A rough stone paved path leads one to the top of the hill. From the hill top you can see the twists and turns of the Thirthahalli-Agumbe road.  This place is also a jain pilgrimage centre.  Packing some light refreshments and moving on to ascend the hill would be a great idea.



Honnemaradu : About 25 Kms from Sagar town on the way to Jog falls , a adventure place by name Honnemaradu welcomes the adventure loving people. The place is situated on the back waters of Sharavathi river.  The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. You can enjoy Kayoking, wind water surfing and all other water sports. On payment of small amount you get accomodation,food and water sport equipments. One important point to be noted before visiting this place is not to carry any Alcohol, Gutka, Non-Veg items. All this items are banned in this place.