Dr. Devangi Prafulla Chandra

Devangi Prafulla ChandraBorn on 14th October, 1934 in a farming community under rural background, Prafulla Chandra has grown step by step in experimenting, introducing and developing many simple and useful technologies for not only conserving the precious energy but also recycling of organic waste and thereby preserving the natural eco-system, besides, sustaining fertility and productivity of soil.
Achievements : Mr. Prafullachandra has achieved several milestones in the field of agriculture spanning over 40 years. He has secured 8 National awards in crop competitions in paddy and sugarcane crops, achieving highest productivity of 16.1 and 447.1 tons/hect., respectively. He has served as member of Board of Regents, UAS, Bangalore, Senate and Syndicate member, Kuvempu university, Shivamogga and member, Coconut Development Board, Cochin. Mr. Prafulla chandra has secured world food day medal from F.A.O in 1988.
Considering his outstanding contributions in the field of agriculture, UAS, Dharwad has awarded the honorary Doctorate to Mr. Prafulla Chandra in 1995.


The important contributions of Mr.Prafulla Chandra are
  1. Successful cultivation of ratoon sugarcane crop for the past 30 years through zero cultivation and recycling of the sugarcane trash and using of organic sources for irrigation through slurry bleeding, which is a world record in sugarcane ratoon production.

  2. Energy Saving Areca nut processing unit consisting a new type of rectangular vessel consuming very less heat. This simple efficient, economic and eco-friendly method of boiling and drying of areca nut has heralded a new chapter in the conservation of fuel energy and forest wealth by utilisating the agricultural waste as an alternative source of energy.

  3. Developing useful agricultural implements, several small agricultural implements like dumper, scrap collector, movable ladder, coconut leaf cutter, model bullock cart, desilter and a device for laying of PVC pipes. All these implements are most efficient and were developed by using local scrap material, hence these are economic and useful to farmer in saving time and working efficiently.

  4. Inter-cropping systems - Several multistoried inter-cropping systems like arecanut+cocoa, coconut+legumes, arecanut+banana, arecanut+banana+beetle wine are economically productive at the same time does not compete either for solar energy or for soil nutrients.

These contributions have helped their farming community to a greatest extent as could be seen, thousands of farmers throng his farm for getting acquainted with these technologies and at the same time adopt in their fields. The contributions of Dr.Prafulla Chandra have been recognised by the state government, central government and the F.A.O.

Significant Contribution in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture

  • Developing Multistoried Cropping and Intercropping systems
  • Efficient and Effective Irrigational practice
  • Improved water management technique
  • Invention of Energy saving areca processing technique
  • Recycling of Organic waste
  • Development of useful agricultural implements to save energy, Time, Labour and Money

  • Judicial and Optimum utility of land for productive purposes
  • Adoptable practices of utilising agricultural wastes as rich organic manure and alternative source of energy

  • Developing agro forestry, silvi Horticulture alongwith horticultural crops
  • Adoption of improved methods in post-harvest technology
  • Voluntary awareness building and extension activities to farming community.


  • 3 Gold and 3 silver medals in National Crop Competitions from 1972 to 1976 for highest yield in sugarcane and paddy

  • Karnataka State Award - 1970

  • A Great Agriculturist Award by Agriculture Technologists Association of Karnataka-1972

  • Krishi Samrat Award by Zari Agro Chemicals - 1987

  • World Food Day Medal from UN Food & Agricultural Organisation - 1988

  • Rastriya Ekta " Krishi Mitra" Award - 1995

  • Hon. Doctor of Science from university of agriclutural sciences, Dharwad - 1995

  • State Enviornment Award - 1996

  • Excellence Award - 1997

  • ASPEE-L.M. PATEL farmer of the year Award - 1999.