Kids are you safe?


Children also are susceptible to being harmed, both physically and sexually, offences of kidnapping for ransom, for the purpose of begging or for sexual abuse, though not common, have drawn the attention of Public. Like adults, even children have become victims of theft, assault, rape and cruelty. The following are some precautions that the parents and teachers should teach their respective children. The children themselves need to take preventive steps to protect themselves.

  • Children should be taught about their rights to self protection and their position in the society
  • Children should be taught to know to their surroundings thoroughly both in the school and home
  • Children should be taught to differentiate between a friend and a foe
  • Children should be told NOT to talk to strangers, NOT to accept any presents including eatables from stranger, NOT to go with the strangers, however serious the issue may be, and NOT to go anywhere alone
  • Children should be taught to remember the name, address and telephone number of their parents * Parents should not permit children to wear costly jewelry
  • Children should be taught how to seek help from policemen. Parents should make children understand that the policemen are their friends and guides and not enemies
  • Children should be convinced not to keep any secrets by speaking to them freely and with open mind, even if somebody asks them to keep certain things secret
  • Children should be taught to keep a lookout for suspicious persons
  • Simple ways of self defence taught to children would be of great help in emergencies
  • Children should be taught to develop confidence in themselves and parents should also build confidence in their children
  • Do not allow children to open the door when somebody rings or knocks on the door
  • Children should be taught NOT to befriend any strangers either near school or near houses
Crime Prevention