Organization Structure
The Superintendent of Police is the head of the police department of the District. He is assisted by one Additional Superintendent of Police and five Deputy Superintendents of police. The Additional Superintendent of Police is in charge of Crime and Traffic. The Deputy superintendents of police are in charge of a particular sub division. Each sub-divisions is further divided into Circles, Each of which is under an Inspector of Police. Each circle sub-divided into Police Stations each of which is under one or two Sub-Inspectors with a complement of ASIs, CHCs and CPCs. Generally ASI’s are placed in charge of each Out posts.
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Organisation Structure
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Superintendent of Police
Additional Superintendent of Police
Deputy Superintendents of Police ( 5 Sub Divisions )
10 Circles ( Inspector of Police )
32 Police Stations ( Police Sub-Inspectors)
17 Outposts (ASI)
Head Constables
Police Constables