Safegaurd your Possessions

Your car, two-wheeler, money, adorned jewelry, Credit Card, Brief Case, Hand Bag, etc., are your valuable possessions. Your car parked without being locked, the two-wheeler left uncared on a street corner, the briefcase left beside your chair, the wallet left exposed, the jewelry worn in excess are vulnerable to theft. Hence, you should be careful at all times:


  • Do not leave the car parked in isolated areas. Always park the car in parking lots
  • Lock the car properly, even if you leave it for a few minutes
  • Do not leave valuables and luggage exposed inside the car
  • Get your car fitted with car alarms and central locking system
  • If you are using a Radio/Cassette player in the car, use a portable one and detach and take it with you
  • Always remove the ignition key when you leave your car, even when it is in your own garage
  • Get the Car Registration number etched on all windows, rear-view mirror, lights and on Radio/Cassette player. This would help the Police identify your articles in case of theft


  • Always park your two wheelers in parking lots
  • At home, park the two-wheeler in your garage, lock the vehicle and keep your garage locked too. In case you do not have a garage, keep the vehicle inside the house or in your compound and properly secure the gates. In case you do not a have a compound and are forced to keep it on the road in front of your house, tie a chain to the vehicle and your window grill
  • Lock your two wheeler and take your ignition key even if your leave it for a few minutes
  • Get your two wheeler’s Registration number etched in a few inconspicuous places of the vehicle which is only to your knowledge
  • Do not leave valuables in your two-wheeler

When your carry cash and credit cards in your handbags and wallets, use the following precautions.

  • Never let your handbag out of your sight
  • On streets and public transports keep hold of your handbags
  • Use a handbag with secure clasp or zip and keep it closed whenver not in use
  • Do not carry your wallet in the hip pocket without proper buttons. It is vulnerable to pick pocketing
  • Do not display large sums of cash in public places
  • If your credit card is stolen, immediately inform the concerned bank and Police
  • Pick pockets and snatchers work in teams, when one distracts, the other clears your pocket Avoid getting distracted
  • If someone bumps into you especially in a crowd, even by mistake, check your wallet, handbag and other valuable belongings immediately
  • Whenever you carry large amounts of cash either to deposit in bank or after withdrawal from the bank, take somebody with you


  • Worn jewelry could be either snatched or removed without your knowledge. While snatching takes place in isolated and lonely streets, removing your jewelry without your notice occur in crowded areas like Bus Stops, Railways Stations, Shopping Complexes, Parties, etc. The following few precautions could prevent theft of the worn jewelry:
  • Keep your worn jewelry covered whenever possible
  • Avoid walking on lonely and isolated streets wearing expensive jewelry
  • Avoid rushing into the bus or train in crowds
  • Do not get distracted, culprits can distract you and remove your jewelry
  • Ensure that your jewelry and belongings are intact in Parties, Cinemas etc., whenever there is power failure
  • Whenever you operate your lockers ensure that strangers are not observing you and always take somebody with you whenever you carry heavy jewelry with you
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