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Houses which are isolated and lonely become easy targets for offences like Dacoity, Burglary and Theft. Houses left locked for many days are the ones which are attacked by burglars and thieves. Burglars like easy opportunities and never try to attack a house if it makes more noise or takes more time. They also avoid places where the chances of them being seen are more. Likewise dacoits do not attack houses which have alarms and which are located in friendly localities. Nor do they like houses where people are armed. Simple precautions like strong doors with proper locking system, windows with iron mesh, back doors with cross-bars keep the burglars away. The following are some of the simple measures, which will make your home safe without taxing much on your purse.


  • Gates and compound walls should be made sufficiently strong. Compound walls should be made safe by fixing glass pieces on top to avoid burglars climbing on top
  • Back door should be made strong. Get iron cross-bars fixed to the back doors
  • Front doors should have locks at the top and bottom
  • Windows should be fitted with strong and closely built irons grills
  • Do not leave the spare key hidden in convenient hiding places like above the door frame, below the door-mat or in the Post-box
  • Small windows like ventilators, skylights, bathroom windows also can be used by a thief to enter if the gap is larger than a human head. Hence, it is important to secure these windows by either putting iron bars or iron grills
  • Never leave a garage door unlocked especially if it has a connecting door to the house. A thief can use the tools available in the garage and break the door open
  • If you have a backyard, raise the height of the compound wall and fix thorny glass pieces to prevent thieves from climbing the wall
  • Get your surroundings properly lit
  • If you notice strangers loitering in residential streets, call the Police
  • In case you are going out a on a holiday for a long period of time, inform your neighbours to keep a watch on your house, and inform your jurisdictional Police Station before leaving
  • Burglar alarms and other security gadgets could be used to make your house more secure


  • Dacoits before attacking the house usually cut the telephone lines. It is better to have underground covered telephone cabling done for such isolated houses * People living in such isolated houses or in the outskirts should know their neighbours and surroundings. They should get alarms or sirens fitted to their house
  • Do not keep valuables or huge amounts or cash in the house
  • All the points suggested regarding securing your house are applicable here also
  • You may join the civilian Rifle Clubs and obtain a Firearm. Every one in the house may be trained to use the weapon
  • In case Dacoits strike your house or your neighbours’s house do not hesitate to open fire in Self Defence. Your are protected by Law and this would dissuade the dacoits from attaching any house in the area
  • If you cannot own a Firearm, keep Fire crackers in the house and burst them when the dacoits strike to alert the neighbours and distract the dacoits
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