Government has launched the scheme "Santhwana" during the year 200-2001 in order to assist women who are victims of various atrocities such as dowry, rape, sexual harrassment, domestic violence, etc..


The scheme aims at providing legal assistance, financial releif, temporary shelter and protection to victimes of atrocities. It also helps them to be self reliant by providing training and other services to enable them to achieve social and economic empowerment.


The santwana centrea are run through Non-Governmental Organisations. Preference is given to NGO's who are running short stay homes, family counselling centres and those who are actively working in the field of women welfare

The scheme is implemented in all the 27 district head quarters and 8 selected talukas. A total of 36 Santwana centres are established in the State.

Each centre is provided with toll free telephone no. 1091. The helpline receives complaints from distressed and victimised women from morning 8 a.m. to night 8 p.m.

Services Provided

Facilities and services will be provided to women who seek assistance depending on the nature of the case. The assistance provided to these women range from immediate releif to rehabilitation which enables them to be confident and self reliant.
  1. Arrangements are made in short stay homes for women who are in need of shelter. In places where there are no short stay homes, shelter is provided temporarily in receiption centres or state homes run by the department
  2. Counselling services if needed, are provided by trained counsellors.
  3. Wherever legal assistance is requireda sum of Rs.2000/- is provided in each case. In addition, a sum of Rs.2000/- is given to advocate. If the case is won on behalf of women beneficiary.
  4. Women who are interested in pursuing thier education are provided accommodation in the working women's hostels run by NGOs with financial assistance from the department.
  5. (a) After registering thier complaints with the santwana centres, if the victimised women are in need of financial assistance, a relief from Rs.2000/- to Rs.10000/- will be provided, as decided by District Committee. Womens who have sought shelter in the short stay home/ working women's hostel are not eligible for this assistance.
    (b) If a women victim dies an amountranging from Rs.5000/- to Rs.10000/- is kept as fixed deposit in a nationalised bank in the name of her child for her/his education and rehabilitation. This amount is kept in the joint account of the child and Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the concerned district.
Training in Income Generation Activities

Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation assists women recommended by santwana centres to undergo any skill development training of thier preference / interest. Arrangements will be made for thier stay in working women's hostel and cost of thier stay and food during this period will be met by Women's Development Corporation. Training programmes are selected based on the educational qualifications and the area od thier interest. The Women's Development Corporation bears a maximum expenditure of Rs.10000/-. The women who undergo training can stay in the working women hostel for a maximum period of one year.

District Level Committees

A District level committee is constituted under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district and the Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the district as the member secretary. Women representatives from Bar council, Superitendent of Police, President of Social Justice Committee of the Zilla Panchayat, Officers from Health and Family Welfare Department, a member from Karnataka State Social Welfare Board are the other members of this committee.

The committee will scrutinise the cases referred by Santhwana centres and recommend suitable releif and assistance to women victims.

Santhwana Centre in Shimoga

Shri. Vidya Bharati Education Trust,
Mahila Samaja Building,
Near Corporation, Shimoga - 577 201
Phone : 275820