Why blame the poor thief after you have lured him with your valuables! Avoid placing movable assets like watches or jewelry near windows, doors and easily accessible places.
When you are not at home, should you inform the thief! If not, use inter-locks rather than hanging locks. Also inform your vendors in advance so that newspapers, milk bottles, etc don't pile up in front of your door..
If you can't pay attention to Drawing room, WHY KEEP IT OPEN! Please don't offer opportunity to the burglar. Keep the doors closed.
Why deny the poor banker his commission! Keep jewels in the locker whenever you don't need these. Keep only minimum necessary valuables at home. Preferably, get your valuables insured as well.
Exhibit where there is appreciation and not misappropriation! Avoid display of ornaments in public places and empty roads particularly when you are alone.
Pick your broom with at least half the caution with which you choose your groom! Avoid employing servants without taking sufficient precaution, If your house has a servants' quarter, don't let strangers stay there.
You opened the door to him. He opened the knife at you! Do not open the doors to strangers. Interact through windows / door eye / chain lock. Insist on making strangers establish their identity. After all, not everyone is courteous!
He wants you to face his music. You make him face your music! Use anti-burglary alarms. Create HOT MUSIC for the burglars.
Your neighbor may not let you live in peace. But, he may help you live in a piece! Help each other in times of difficulty. Inform your neighbor to maintain watch over your house in your absence.
He wants you to sob so that he can do his job! If you are informed of a misfortune / accident to your relative, don't panic. Think rationally, intimate your friends / police, conform the story before you proceed.
You wanted him to clean the jewels. He 'cleaned' well! Never let yourselves be tempted by the crooks.
You gave him a ride. He took you for a ride! Be cautious while giving lift to strangers. Don't allow your cabman to carry strangers with you. Note down the registration number of your taxi.