Thus Spake the Vehicle Thief!

I am a philanthropist. I help people in disposal of old cars. People pay money to Insurance companies.

Why should that go in vain? After all, insurance companies should be made to earn their bread.

I love people who are not too cautious. They don't waste money on those fancy gadgets like steering lock, wheel lock, battery disconnecter, ignition bar switch, quarter glass, lock car alarm, and God alone knows what all? After all, why should they trouble a poor fellow who is only trying to help them get a new vehicle.

Some people are really imaginative. They keep the vehicle doors open and hope that some day some poor fellow will make them lucky.

I hate those people who pose me not just these hurdles but in addition park in some secured parking place or entrust the security of their vehicles to some poor chowkidar.

Just imagine, how can my conscience permit me to help a rich car owner at the expense of some poor security guard.!

My motto: help me help you.