Tyarekoppa Lion Safari : 10 Kms from Shivamogga enroute  Sagar town Lions, Tigers and other wild life animals roam around in the deep forests freely. The lion-tiger safari started way back in 1988 is a ideal picnic spot .  The safari is spread around an area of 200 Hectares of dense forest. You can witness to the grace, diversity, color and marvel of nature and catch enlivening glimpses of Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Bear, Deer, and rare migratory birds as they amble around in luxuriant habitat. Regular recreation and sight seeing outings are organised by the forest department for visitors. 

Elephant Training Camp-Sakrebayalu

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp :On the way to Thirthahalli from Shivamogga, 14 kms away from the city you can hear elephants reciting their lessons.  Yes its not a joke its fact that you can find here many elephants being trained by training professionals.  Elephant from the adjoining forests bathe at this spot before they re-enter their forest abode. Every morning these majestic creatures waddle down to waters and after playfully cleansed their bodies and satiated their thirst, they leave the waters before the rays of the sun get stronger. They are off to deal with their day's routine only to return the following day.  To catch a glimpse of these mammoths at play in the waters, get there before 9 a.m.