Social Forestry is community involvement project, through which day to day DWG Plantation , Taralaghatta requirement of common people such as fuel, wood for basic needs and minor forest produce are grown. Further it also helps in conservation of soil and moisture and maintains ecological balance.

Social Forestry undertakes raising of gardens in school premises, hospitals and government institution premises and also in 'c' & 'd' class lands of rural areas. It also aims at raising nurseries through schools and decentralised nurseries. The project is implemented through district sector programmes and central sponsored schemes

Central Nursery , ShimogaThe scheme started since 1981 and upto 97-98, 3551.73 Hect. of plantation were raised and handed over to respective gram panchayats. In 1998-99 , 370 hect. of plantations was raised and will be handed over to respective gram panchayats after 3 years of maintainence. The district has 7 government nurseries with a capacity to raise 22 lakhs of saplings per year.

Social Forest - List of Nurseries
Sl.No Taluka Nursery Name Extent Sapling Raised
1 Shimoga Central Nursery, Shimoga 1 Hect 3.90 Lakhs
2 Thirthahalli Kuruvalli Nursery 1 Hect 2.80 Lakhs
3 Bhadravati Kooralakoppa Nursery 1 Hect 3.50 Lakhs
4 Hosanagar Sharmanavati Nursery 1 Hect 2.15 Lakhs
5 Sagar Jambagaru Nursery 1 Hect 2.15 Lakhs
6 Shikaripur Kalenahalli Nursery 5 Hect 4.00 Lakhs
7 Soraba Soraba Nursery 1 Hect 3.50 Lakhs

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