PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEMEProviding rural drinking water supply is one of important functions of the Zilla Panchayat system. As per the revised norms laid down by the Government, 75 Litres per capita per day (LPCD) of safe potable drinking water has to be provided to each habitation. Wherever the water supply is lower than the norms, augmentation of water supply is to be taken up. Drinking water has to be provided within 1/2 km of the habitation.

MINI WATER SUPPLY SCHEMEThe execution of the new water supply schemes/works is done by the Zilla panchayat Engineering Divisions which function under the direct control of the zilla panchayat. The operation and maintainence of existing water supply schemes is the responsibility of the gram panchayats. The Government gives an annual grant to the Gram Panchayats to maintain the water supply and sanitation in the panchayat limits.

BOREWELLS/OPENWELLS 36 villages in the district have been selected for providing water supply and sanitation under Integrated Rural Water Supply & Sanitation(IRWSS) project under the assistance of world bank. The execution of this works is done by the ZP World Bank Engineering Division.

Type of Water Supply Schemes: (WSS)

Piped Water Supply (PWS): This type of WSS is taken up for a habitation of 1000 population in Maidan area and 600 population in Malnad area. This consists of a source, rising main, overhead water reservoir, and distribution system.
Mini Water Supply (MWS): This type of WSS is taken up for a habitation of 500 population. This consists of a source, rising main and distribution cisterns.
Borewells / Openwells: These are taken up for small habitations.

Status of Water Supply Schemes Functioning in the District as on 31-03-2002 are as follows :

Name of Taluk

Number of Piped WSS Number of Mini WSS Borewells
Shimoga 102 122 991
Bhadravathi 77 126 900
Thirthahalli 32 30 865
Sagar 60 58 753
Shikaripura 90 162 957
Hosanagar 31 39 706
Soraba 70 98 882

Total :

462 635 6054